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Auhagen Building kits and landscaping materials in HO, TT and N
Brawa Building kits (HO, N), lighting (HO, TT, N, Z), signals (HO, N, Z), electrical supplies
Busch Landscaping, buildings, figures, mini-dioramas and other accessories in HO, TT, N and Z
D+R Modellbahn HO signals and trackside buildings; electronics
DCCconcepts An Australian producer of high quality DCC decoders, turnout motors, control levers, digital devices and power supplies plus lighting products and other modelling tools and accessories
Dr. Schroll Modellbau Mainly a producer of high-quality, handmade trees in HO scale
DUHA A Czech manufacturer of a large variety of freight loads, wood buildings, bridges and other accessories in many different scales: HO, TT, N, Z, S, O, G and 1
ER Decor Belgian manufacturer of high quality buildings, trees and landscaping accessories in HO scale
ESU (LokSound) Electronics
Faller Building kits, landscaping and decorative accessories in HO, TT, N and Z
Fleischmann Track and turntables in HO and N
Heki Trees, landscaping materials, roadway and roadway signage in HO, N and Z
Herpa Airplane models and airport accessories
HMB Huppetz-Modell-Bau Danish producer of detailed kits for railside structures and modular industrial buildings for 1920-1990
Jaegerndorfer Ski lifts and support equipment such as grooming machines, some in HO scale but mostly in the scale of 1:32
Jordan Trees, shrubs and landscaping materials in HO and N
Kibri Building kits in HO, TT, N and Z; now a division of Viessmann, the lighting and electronics company
Ladegueter Bauer Interesting high quality freight loads for trains and trucks in HO, N and Z
Noch Figures, mini-dioramas, landscaping, trees, roadway in HO, TT, N and Z
PERMO Unusual handmade buildings, building add-ons and other accessories in HO, TT, N and Z
pmt - profi modelle thyrow Building kits in HO and TT
Preiser Figures in HO, TT, N and Z
Proses Istanbul producer of innovative tools, fixtures and accessories for assembling building kits and installing track in HO and N scales; also offers a small range of HO loads for freight wagons
Rietze Bus depots, bus shelters, ticket machines, package depots and a multi-level parking garage in HO
Roco HO track systems
Silhouette High-quality trees and shrubs, mostly in HO but also offering some in N and Z
Sommerfeldt High-quality lighting, catenary and trackside accessories in HO, TT and N
Tillig Track systems in HO, HOe, HOm and TT
Trix Building kits, track and trackside accessories in HO and N
Uhlenbrock Electronik Decoders and other electronics
Viessmann Lighting, signals and catenary in HO, TT, N and Z
Vollmer Building kits in HO, N and Z; now a division of Viessmann, the electronics and lighting company