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Beckmann TT Limited editions of German locomotives and railway service wagons in TT and HO
Bemo HO and HOm models of Swiss and German prototypes
B-Models HO locomotive and freight models mainly for Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France
Brawa Locomotives, goods wagons, railcars and passenger carriages in HO, N and G scales
ESU This electronics manufacturer also offers HO models in DC and AC of classic German locomotives and railcars operated by various railways
Fleischmann Models of German prototypes in HO and N scales
Guetzold High-quality HO and TT models of German locomotive prototypes
HAG HO models of Swiss prototypes
HERIS Exclusive HO scale models of freight cars and passenger cars from many different countries
Hobby Trade Danish producer of HO models of Scandinavian, Dutch, German and Austrian prototypes
HObbytraiN European locomotive, passenger and freight models, particularly container wagons, mostly in N scale but also some models in HO and now also in TT
Jaegerndorfer HO and N models of modern-day Austrian and Hungarian locomotives and passenger prototypes
Kato Lemke Selected Japanese train models, European locomotives and European passenger models in N scale plus high-quality track in HO scale
KEHI-Modellbau Produces models in HO, HOe, TT, TTe and N scales of German, Swiss, Austrian and Czech prototypes
Kittler Modellbau German railway models in TT, TTe and TTm
KombiModell Containers and container wagons in HO and N for prototypes of various countries, particularly Switzerland
kuehn-modell Limited edition models in TT and N scales of locomotive prototypes from Germany and neighbouring countries
Lemke Mehano Revived HO series of exclusive models of modern-day European locomotives and container wagons, with some models also now available in TT
Liliput HO and HOe models of locomotive, passenger and freight prototypes from German-speaking countries
L.S.Models Exclusive limited edition models of locomotives, passenger wagons and freight wagons in HO and N
Maerklin Models for AC (three-rail) operation in HO, N and Z scales
NPE HO railcar, locomotive and freight wagon models for Germany and neighbouring countries
PIKO Locomotives, goods wagons, railcars and passenger carriages in HO, TT and N scales
pmt - profi modelle thyrow Train models of German prototypes in TT, HO, HOm and HOe scales
REE Modeles Exclusive high-quality HO models of French railway prototypes
Roco Models of standard and narrow gauge prototypes in HO, HOe and N
Tillig Tillig TT Bahn plus Tillig HO Bahn (once known as Sachsenmodelle) for models in HO plus in HOm scale for German narrow gauge models
Trix Maerklin subsidiary making models for DC two-rail operation in HO and N