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BeKa-Modellbau HO trams, mainly of East German and East European prototypes
Herrmann & Partner Offers a wide range of East German and some West German trams in HO scale
Kato Lemke Models of German trams in HO and N
Lemke Collection Bus and tram depots in HO and N, mostly accompnied by a pair of bus or tram models
Luna Tram track in HOm and TT (12mm), designed by Navemo of Switzerland and manufactured by Tillig
Navemo Swiss trams, plus HOm/TT (12mm) tram track under the trading name Luna
Rietze Bus depots, bus shelters and ticket machines in HO
Roco West German tram models in HO scale
Swedtram High-quality brass models of historical trams in Sweden; available in O scale (1:43,5) or HO scale (1:87) as kits or as ready to run models
VK Modelle HO bus, tram, and U-Bahn (subway) models; also offers bus stop signage and bus stop shelters
Vollmer Bus stop structures in HO scale that are also suitable for modelling tram stops