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Brekina HO-scale car, truck and bus models of the 1950s-1970s
Busch Car, truck and bus models; emergency vehicles; HO and N scales
D+R Modellbahn HO vehicles with lighting
Faller Electrically-operated car, truck and bus models in HO scale
Herpa Car, truck and bus models in HO,TT, N and Z
KEHI-Modellbau Small manufacturer of handmade East Germany vehicles and German old-timers in HO scale
Kibri HO-scale railway vehicles and truck models in kit form
Lemke MiNis N-scale models of European cars and trucks mainly from the period 1955 to 1990
NOREV Car and truck models mostly in 1:43 scale but also in 1:87 (HO), 1:64, 1:24, 1:18 and 3-inches
NPE High-quality HO-scale models of 1950-1980 vehicles by Borgward, DeLorean and Goliath plus European tractors by Schl├╝ter and others
Rietze Bus, car, truck and emergency vehicle models in HO, N and 1:43
Schuco Die-cast HO-scale car and truck models
SDV Czech manufacturer of HO car, truck, bus and emergency vehicle models based on East European prototypes
Tololoko HO-scale models of passenger cars, trucks and emergency vehicles of Poland
Viessmann HO car and truck models with lighting
VK Modelle HO scale models of trailers and farm wagons
Wiking Car, truck and bus models; emergency vehicles; farming equipment; HO and N scales plus some models in 1:32