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Eurobahn specializes in European scale model trains, vehicles and accessories, particularly in the scales of 1:87 (HO), 1:120 (TT) and 1:160 (N).

We sell products from a very large number of European companies. Half of these companies are headquartered in Germany. The rest are from about a dozen other European countries.

So if you find a product you would like and it's listed on the manufacturer's official website, then please contact us and we'll see what we can do.


Please see below for a list of the many European companies we deal with

Click on one of the categories below and you will get a list of companies, together with brief product descriptions and a note about the scales involved. Click on a name to go to that company's official website.

Visiting a manufacturer's official website is nearly always the most accurate way to know what is and is not included in a company's product line.

A few of the companies we've listed for you don't actually have a website, or they have a website only for products that we don't sell. But please feel free to contact us for details about the products that these particular companies can offer you.